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No Education/Career/Programming background Required!
Just challenge yourself on our online Recruitment.

This recruitment is intended for those aiming to become an engineer. After registation, you will have 1 hour to show your programming skills by solving the multiple problems presented.

When you start the contest, a problem will be presented. You can use the programming language you are more confortable with to find the problem's answer. After solving it, fill the form with your answer and submit it. If it is correct, the next problem will be shown. You will be judged by how many problems you were able to solve, and that will determine the next step of your application.

Application Steps

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    Fill all the required fields of the registration form on this site and press the entry button.

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    2Registration Completed

    A link to the contest page, valid for 7 days, will be sent to the registered email address.

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    3Contest start

    The contest will start when you click the "Start" button on the contest page. Try your best to answer the maximum number of questions you can in 1 hour. The problems' details will only be available after the contest beginning.

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    4Result report

    We will inform the result within 2 weeks by email.

Recruitment Information

Web App Developer
※ There are additional assignment or examination for applying other engineer positions.
Anyone who is interested in working at teamLab or teamLab Engineering (No Education/Career/Programming background required to apply)
You can join at any time.
You can use any programming language you wish.
Internet access.

Other Engneering positions

Mobile App Engineer, Front-end Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Data Scientist, Unity Engineer, Technical Artist (Real time 3DCG), Computer Vision Engineer, Sound Programmer.

Details (Midcareer) Details (New graduates)


・Information about the problems will be available only after the contest has begun.
・You will not be able to recover your progress if you either close the browser or press the "Exit now" button.
It is forbidden for anyone other than the applicant to take the examination.
The use of artificial intelligence and other generative programming is prohibited.
・Your participation on this contest will be considered as your application to the teamLab's recruiting process. We may refuse your participation on the next steps depending on the number of questions you were able to answer.


Fill in the form below and press the entry button.

※Each applicant may apply only once.

For individuals with foreign nationality, please enter the alphabet notation of your passport.

Check if the email entered is correct.

Check if the email entered is correct.

In case of a phone number not from Japan, make sure to also write the country code. e.g. +14151234567

※ By pressing the "Entry" button, you will be agreeing with the privacy policy terms of teamLab.



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